September 2014 MHC Team – DAY 5 – The LORAX Challenge

September 2014 MHC Team – DAY 5 – The LORAX Challenge

The LORAX Challenge

I’m lucky enough to be playing on a Team for the MHC for this month with technascribe and momofminers. It’s been a total blast!!

Minecraft Hardcore Challenge!
The Lorax Challenge!
Seed: Ali
World type: Large Biome
Generate Structures: ON
Vanilla Minecraft, no mods, current version.
Hardcore Mode.
Standard rules:
No sleeping.
No eating animals, except fish, zombies.
No AFK crop growth.
No alternate world exploration.
Everything on-camera at normal speed.
Episodes run from sup up to sun up, when the zombies burn.
Post 9 episodes in Sept, starting Sept 1st, every Monday and Friday in the month.
Nobody dies on day one.
Special rules: No punching, cutting or chopping trees, that includes leaves.
Coords: X-54,,Z-188. Important stuff.
Objective: Survive and make a nice stone castle, with a melon farm.

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Resource Pack: Chroma Hills
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Autumn Day
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