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From: Let’s Say FeedBurner Shuts Down… | CSS-Tricks.

This a great article about the possible future of Feedburner.com

I’m a HEAVY user of RSS feeds and I’ve setup many RSS feeds through feedburner. I, like Chris, am VERY optimistic that Google will do the right thing, and at a minimum, give us a fair timeline if they do decide to shutdown.

I’m also using feedly completely now. I’m not totally in love with it. They only support a few of the google keyboard shortcuts. There are some issues with the app losing focus when you’ve watched an embedded video. Clicking anywhere outside of the video doesn’t get the focus back and allow shortcuts to work. I’m hoping this will get worked out as they improve their service, but it’s annoying as hell.

As Chris says, “Here’s to hoping that if this happens it will be fairly painless! #RSS4LYFE”

How to block app requests on FaceBook.

I have friends on FaceBook that are constantly putting up notices that they’re tired of seeing all the game requests. I’ve posted this information on FB several times, so I’m posting it here instead. Now I just share this post with them in the future.

It’s much simpler than trying to track down the information each time.

  • Click the notification globe at the top of your profile and select See All Notifications.
  • Hover your mouse over Farmville or any other app notification to make a small blue X appear.
  • Click the X to edit the notification settings.
  • You can also use this to manage how you see your friends’ updates.