November 2014 MHC – Mike’s Challenge

November 2014 MHC – Mike’s Challenge

Michael Deering’s November MHC Special Challenge

Michael Deering challenged us to a single MHC game and the only rule is to survive. Let’s see if I can… 🙂

Minecraft Hardcore Challenge!
Just Survive

Special Rules:
Show coords of any diamonds

Standard Rules:
Seed: Mike’s Favorite World!
World Type: Large Biome.
Hardcore Mode.
Vanilla Minecraft, no mods, current version.
Singleplayer or Team.
No harming passive mobs.
No AFK crop growth.
No alternate world exploration.
Everything on-camera, no speedups or skipping.
No skipping the night by sleeping in beds.
1 long episode that ends when you are completely setup and can survive long-term.
Post an episode every Monday and Friday in November.

Resource Pack: Chroma Hills
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Music Credits

Divertimento K131
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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