Mar 2015 MHC Team Colony 9 3/4 – DAY 9 – Zero Chunk Challenge

Mar 2015 MHC Team Colony 9 3/4 – DAY 9 – Zero Chunk Challenge

Objective: You can collect anywhere, but can only place in the Zero Chunk

@OhGeeGames, @momofminers, @Somatomay, @Newazusa, VivCakes764, crafterofmines99 & DiamondGrrl will try VERY hard to no place blocks & starve to death – It REALLY is a challenge

Minecraft Hardcore Challenge!
All Standard Rules Apply
No harming passive mobs.
No sleeping in beds.
No AFK crop growth.
No alternate world exploration. Nether okay.
Everything on-camera at normal speed.
Brightness 100%
Vanilla Minecraft, no mods, Batty’s mod okay.
Current version 1.8.3
Hardcore Mode
Generate Structures: OFF
Large Biomes
Seed: The Zero Chunk Challenge
Special Rule:
You may not place anything outside of the coords of +-16 X or Z.
This includes the Nether.
9 episodes, each one Minecraft day and night, starting and ending at sun up. Post each Monday and Friday of March.

Resource Pack: Chroma Hills
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Music Credits

Egmont Overture
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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