Jan 2015 MHC Team – DAY 6 – Underground Challenge Reloaded

Jan 2015 MHC Team – DAY 6 – Underground Challenge Reloaded

Objective: Stay alive and live well.

The Team is back: @momofminers, @technascribe & Frank_n_Honest take part in The Underground Challenge Reloaded!

Day 0 – collect the items that you can take with you (hopefully before dark). Then wait until “Day 1” starts and then you can go down into the hole and start the challenge.
Minecraft Hardcore Challenge!

The Underground Challenge Reloaded!

Vanilla Minecraft, no mods, Optifine Okay.

Current version.

Hardcore Mode.

Generate Structures: OFF.

World Type: Default Biomes.

Seed: 40

Objective: Stay alive and live well.

No harming passive mobs.

No sleeping in beds.

No AFK crop growth.

No alternate world exploration, Nether okay.

6 logs, 12 seeds, 3 saplings, 1 piece of dirt.

Stay below Y15.

Nobody dies on Day 0 or Day 1.

Post Dates:

Day 0 – Jan 1.

Day 1 – Jan 2.

Day 2 – Jan 5.

Day 3 – Jan 9.

Day 4 – Jan 12

Day 5 – Jan 16.

Day 6 – Jan 19.

Day 7 – Jan 23.

Day 8 – Jan 26.

Day 9 – Jan 30.

Resource Pack: Chroma Hills
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