GopherCraft UHC – Season 8: Episode 4

GopherCraft UHC – Season 8: Episode 4

Objective: Last standing wins!

Think we can do it? Be sure to watch the entire series to find out!

GopherCraft members and guests take party in season 8 of the GopherCraft UHC event! Everyone is split into 7 teams who’s primary objective is to be the last ones standing. We’ll have to survive against each other and mobs with a shrinking world boarder. Dead players can enter spectator mode and join the loser lounge chat which makes for great commentary.

GopherCraft UHC Season 6 is hosted by GopherCraft and run by Scoti Garbidis.


Yellow: Team Yella Belly
Virii333 –
Optimus_1971 –
N1bblonian – No channel

Red: Team Red Die #40
ohgeegames –
Frank_n_Honest –
FriarNurgle –

Blue: Team Panic!
Momofminers –
TechnaScribe –
Scoti_Garbidis –

White: White Team
TopStiGear –
TChels –
xzosimusx –

Orange: Team Citrus Sensation
BasketMC –
Pikerize –
PyschoSFK –

Green: Team Key Lime Pie
Sayulily –
RePeteGG –
xmods13 –

Purple: Team Space Jam
pulse2010 –
Shaman_ –
Gopherboy –

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Game: Minecraft 1.8.1

Game Difficulty: UHC

Game hosted by GopherCraft. Thank you GopherCraft!


Intro created by Th3Pooka

Camera Studio Mod … studio-v2-

Statue Mod … 46-statues

Custom NPC Mod … ustom-npcs

Gopher Church Built By
Scoti_Garbidis –


Intro Music:
Music used: Battle of Kings by Per Kiilstofte
Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International

Resource Pack: Chroma Hills
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Music Credits

Alien Restaurant
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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