Feb 2015 MHC Team – DAY 8 – The Merchant of Minecraft

Feb 2015 MHC Team – DAY 8 – The Merchant of Minecraft

Objective: Collect as many emeralds as you can

@momofminers, @technascribe & Frank_n_Honest try to get as many emeralds as the can.

The Merchant of Minecraft!
Minecraft Hardcore Challenge!
Vanilla Minecraft, no mods, Optifine okay, current version.
Seed: 2043
Structures: ON
World Type: Large Biome
Objective: Have as many emeralds as possible by last day.
Standard rules apply, except you may kill animals for trades.
Everything on-camera at normal speed.
No AFK crop growth.
No sleeping in beds to skip the nights.
No alternate world explorations, Nether okay.
Start with Ep zero on first Monday of February.
No one dies on Day Zero.
Episodes run from sun-up to sun-up.
Whoever has the most emeralds on the last day, wins.
Day 0 – Feb 2
Day 1 – Feb 6
Day 2 – Feb 9
Day 3 – Feb 13
Day 4 – Feb 16
Day 5 – Feb 20
Day 6 – Feb 23
Day 7 – Feb 27

Resource Pack: Chroma Hills
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Long Stroll
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