WHOLOCK – Sherlock meets The Doctor!

Wow – This is amazing!!!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if they turned this into a real episode? I’d love to see this.

The editing is very impressive. You must watch this one

Here’s the Wholock – VFX Breakdown – It’s amazing that you can make a new film from existing footage.

▶ WHOLOCK – Sherlock meets The Doctor!.

▶ Wholock – VFX Breakdown.

Star Trek – Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy: “The Challenge”

This is BRILLIANT!!!

It’s a commercial for Audi, but I don’t CARE. I love Star Trek and I’m a HUGE FAN of Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto. This made me laugh, miss old school Spock and love Zachary even more.

Watch on Youtube: Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy: “The Challenge”

The OMEn Chronicles – Harry Potter

Wren (@wrenthereaper) is a great guy who is making cool videos and he and a group of awesome YouTuber’s have created this post Harry Potter video. It’s a MUST watch. Beautifully made. I know from following Wren on YouTube and Twitter how much time, energy, stress and sleepless nights that he’s put into completing this.

Let’s hope that it becomes a Web Series. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Check out the video below:


Also – We should give a BIG shoutout to his fiance for her support during the creation of this video.

Wren’s info:
Wren on YouTube
Wren on Twitter

Self Portrait – A Short Film

Beautiful & Haunting short film by Nick Canellakis

Directed and edited by Nicholas Canellakis
Music by Michael Brown
Starring Roman Rabinovich
Musical score performed by Nicholas Canellakis, cello, and Michael Brown, piano

Synopsis: A painter, haunted by his own creations, sets off on a journey through a surreal and nocturnal New York.

Anamnesis | Surreal Drama Short Film

Anamnesis | Surreal Drama Short Film – YouTube.

I saw this amazing short film called, “Anamnesis” created by Finite Films, last year. It’s REALLY amazing, and has spawned a web series based on this film. Check out their YouTube channel too.

Give the short film a watch, and then go support the film makers on their new project!


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