Matt Richardson shows off his Camera Collection

Matt Richardson

I just love this guy. Not only is he SO adorable, but I am such a nerd about technology, making things, and more. It’s fun watching how excited he gets about the things he shares with us.

Many years ago, my dad had purchased a Bell & Howell 8mm movie camera and projector. I bet it’s still in their house somewhere. I played with that camera when I was a kid and filmed a few movies on it.

In the early 80’s, I had all of my parents home movies transferred to a VHS tape. It was cool seeing my parents so young. There were honeymoon shots. Movies of me and my sister as infants and early birthdays. I really should find that video and convert it to digital. I hope my parents still have it. Hmmmmmm…..

Here’s Matt and his camera collection. An interesting tid-bit; I work with a guy that has the same floppy disk camera that Matt demonstrates in the video. The only difference is that he is still using it. I converted 6 or 7 other camera users (it’s required for their job) to new high resolution digital camera’s with EyeFi cards that store the images in folders on a server. They LOVE it, and it’s improved the usage immensely. But, he won’t change. He LOVES that floppy disk camera and I got to where I would joke about stealing it in the night.

Find out more about Matt on his website:

The County Where No One is Gay…

The County Where Gay People Don't Exist

Fascinating piece about the lives of some very brave LGBT people in Mississippi. We’ve joked for years about driving through Mississippi and other southern states as fast as possible because of the perceptions we have about the south. For some people, it’s not a joke.

WE DO Campaign: Misha and Ivy

We Do Campaign

From their description: “The WE DO Campaign involves LGBT couples requesting — and being denied — marriage licenses in their hometowns across the South in order to call for full equality under federal law and to highlight the harms of current state laws.

This is an amazing project, and this video in particular shows how much bigotry and hatred LGBT people have to suffer. The lady in line in front of them quoting bible verses and saying things like, “Doing that which is unseemly” & “One man, one woman forever” shows how much hatred is used in the name of their god.