Tilda Swinton Waves Rainbow Flag in Kremlin

Tilda Swinton risked arrest waving a rainbow flag in front of the Kremlin in violation of Russia’s new homosexual propaganda bill. And she wants everyone who can to reblog it in solidarity.

Guys please reblog this, it won’t ruin your blog, this is important
Thank you Tilda

A’DREY presents +One [Part 1]: ELEGY

You MUST watch this amazingly beautiful, powerful and personal dance by A’Drey Vinogradov. The story, choreography and dance is some of the best that you’ll see. So astonishing and HIGHLY recommended!

A’DREY presents +One [Part 1]: ELEGY – YouTube.

To learn more, visit his website:  http://adreyonline.com/

Utah’s Gay Marriage Ban Is Ruled Unconstitutional

I LOVE this amazing family, and since we just got legal marriage equality in New Mexico & a federal judge over-turned Utah’s ban on marriage equality, I thought I’d share this video that they just posted. Go show them some LOVE, because they’re awesome!

Utah's Gay Marriage Ban Is Ruled Unconstitutional – YouTube.

Debunking the AIDS Denialist Movie House of Numbers

I’ve been a big fan of Myles Power for a very long time now. He makes really excellent videos that range from using Zombie humor to explain science to debunking quacks that are TRULY endangering society

These 2 videos (waiting for the 3rd…) are debunking the HIV denialist movie “House of Numbers”. It’s well made and is a must see.

Find out more about Myles here: http://www.mylespower.co.uk/

Part 1 – Vital Information Missing

Part 2 – Time Travel & HIV Tests

Part 3

Coming Soon…

Myles YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/powerm1985

Duck Dynasty Is Fake!

This is FANTASTIC – I love this guy’s direct, honest and most importantly, CORRECT take on this whole stupid issue STUNT

▶ Duck Dynasty Is Fake! – YouTube.

I’m NOT mad at Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty

Chris Thompson states it PERFECTLY in this response to the Phil Robertson controversy

I agree 100% with everything he says in this video. Michael (my husband) and I had this same exact discussion today at lunch.

I’m NOT mad at Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty via YouTube.

Joe’s Music Vlog: 5IVElements

I’m a LONG time fan of Joseph Carrillo. He’s an extremely talented composer and musician who shares his music creation process on YouTube. Keep your eyes on him.

He’s vlogging about each of the 5 movements of his 5IVElements Suite. I’ll update this post with each of the videos as they are released

I’ve just purchased the 5ivelements – Suite for Orchestra from amazon.com and highly recommend it. The links are below

Mvt.1 Earth

Mvt.2 Water

Mvt.3 Fire

Buy on Amazon

Buy on iTunes

Joe's Music Vlog on YouTube.