August 2014 MHC – DAY 1 – The Resurrection (Loser’s Round)

August 2014 MHC – DAY 1 – The Resurrection (Loser’s Round)

As some of you might know, I’ve already failed this MHC challenge. I know I’m not eligible for the challenge itself. No voting, etc. I really wanted to accomplish this one, so I’m trying again. I’m calling it, “The Resurrection”. Look – I’m Frank_n_Honest, so I’m representing the undead anyway. I mean, LOOK at me!! Now, Michael Deering says it’s the “Loser’s Challenge”, but I can’t accept that. 🙂

Hope you enjoy…

The Max Writer Challenge! Create a village from scratch.

Vanilla Minecraft, no mods.
Hardcore mode.
Seed: August 2014 MHC
World Type: Large Biome.
Generate Structures: OFF.
Wood: 1376,,625
Fortress: 260,72,-44
Objective: Create a village from scratch.
No sleeping in beds.
No AFK crop growth.
Everything on-camera at normal speed.
No alternate world exploration.
Hippy B.S. Rule: No eating cows, pigs, chickens.
Stay in the desert biome.
Suggestion: Manage your hunger very carefully.

Sign Up Sheet –
Those taking part –

MUSIC Credits
Perspectives : Incompetech – Kevin Macleod
Long Note Four : Incompetech – Kevin Macleod
Midsummer Sky : Incompetech – Kevin Macleod

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